Hi you! We are Caramel Monster ☺

Caramel Monster is born from the love for fashion and style but more importantly the desire for sustainability. We create socially responsible garments that are kind to the environment and the community - something that you can feel good wearing all days.

We are doing our best towards creating a better future and invite you to join this journey with us.

Our Commitments

With a production based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we understand the role we play in the community. We will continue to work and grow with the local communities around us and we promise to adhere to the ethical production, seriously. As we prosper, we will always continue to give back and stay grateful.

We aim to build a life-long relationship with partners of which we share the same values and aim to forge partnerships that are mutually beneficial. 

We honour our customers and promise to deliver mindfully sourced products over mass-produced. We commit to forever strive to be better and avoid cutting corners at all costs.

The CaM Four


Caramel Monster studio aims to transmit the importance of the responsible consumption and ethic production. Our commitment is to create continuous core pieces that are made-to-last throughout the year. Our production is Vietnamese-based and that’s why we produce nationally. Our collection is entirely made in Vietnam, using the right materials and incorporating timeless, versatile pieces.


We believe the best way to limit your impact is to buy quality goods that last a lifetime. That's why we make seasonless styles that are meant to be worn every single day, year-round. We strive to create well-loved, well-worn pieces that stand the test of time, from the chosen designs to our colour palette.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Carefully choosing the materials is one of our main priorities to contribute to a sustainable process. We try our best to use less harmful fabrics and find new sources of eco-friendly material every day. Our materials, such as pure linen and dead-stock fabric, have a lighter imprint on the environment and are consciously produced in a more ethical or responsible manner.

No Virgin Plastic

Life in plastic . . . not so fantastic! Our packing bags and mailers, made entirely of bio-based materials, reusable and able to be compostable. We took our promise one step further so that our hangtags are created using certified recycled paper and cardboard.

Times are weird. Find what makes you feel good.